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Many people do not realize how American archaeological projects in Italy are typically financed. Very few universities or research institutions are able to pay the ongoing expenses of equipment, staff salaries, rental, room and board, transportation, and the myriad other costs (e.g., one radiocarbon dating: $300!) that arise in an excavation like The Horace's Villa Project. However lean the budget, and however many the volunteers donate their time to a dig, funds to cover such expenses must be found, or an excavation simply cannot take place.

The Horace's Villa Project is no different from most excavations in this respect. It has not received any financial support from UCLA or the American Academy in Rome but has been funded entirely through the generous support of our volunteers, Friends, and Corporate and Foundation Sponsors. From 1997 to 2001, over $350,000 was donated, and our volunteers and institutional sponsors made an in-kind contribution that is hard to quantify but is certainly equal to a large percentage of that amount.

Benefits of sponsorship generally include:

  • tax advantages (the money is donated to a tax-exempt organization such as UCLA or the American Academy in Rome)
  • mention on all signs, brochures, Web pages, and publications connected with the project
  • invitation to all cultural events associated with the project
  • networking with leading scholars and cultural authorities

Sponsor Charlie Steinmetz on site with
Dr. Maria Grazia Fiore, Head of Archaeology,
Archaeological Superintendency of Lazio


If you want your foundation or company to become a sponsor of an archaeological excavation like The Horace's Villa Project, please contact:

Prof. Bernard Frischer




Last revised: Jan. 1, 2002


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