Earlier Excavations of the Site

We do not know whether Holstenius actually visited the Licenza Valley or if he simply was aware of the Roccagiovine inscription from a written source. The first signs of eyewitness accounts of the villa and even of exacavations appear in the eighteenth century, when the Lorrainer Baron de Saint Odile (Tuscan ambassador to the Holy See) and the Scottish painter Allan Ramsay (Court Painter to George III) visited and dug here. Systematic excavations were only undertaken from 1911 to 1916 by Angiolo Pasqui. With his death, Pasqui's work was published by the archaeologist Giuseppe Lugli in 1926. In 1931 Thomas Price, a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, undertook new excavations. Subsequently, the Archaeological Superintendency of Lazio has undertaken various studies and excavations that have deepened our knowledge of the site.

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