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The Horace Project.

Horace's very own pagina domestica, created by Lee Pearcy and sponsored by Bryn Mawr College. Highly recommended!

Horace's Poems in Latin on the Web

Here you can find all of Horace's poetry online. The Sermones and Epodes were posted by Konrad Schroder from F. Vollmer, Q. Horati Flacci Carmina (Leipzig: Teubner, 1912). Carmina, Epistulae and Ars Poetica were posted by Jose Dejalma Dezotti (source edition not cited).

Lacus Curtius
Bill Thayer's excellent Web resource page for anything having to do with Roman civilization, topography, and archaeology. Recommended!

The Web site of the Comune di Licenza. Be sure to check here before visiting the site of Horace's Villa for the latest information about visiting hours (our information may become outdated between new versions of our site). You will also find other information useful to tourists. The site is available only in Italian at present.

Web Resources for Classics

Here you can find an excellent comprehensive listing of Web sites devoted to Classics. This is a very good place to start your search for any topic involving the ancient world.

Web Resources for Classicists and Mediterranean Archaeologists

The site offers a search engine allowing users quickly to find Web sites of interest. A search under the term "Horace" turned up two results in December, 2001 (our site and The Horace Project, listed above).





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