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Last changed: Jan. 15, 2002

In this part of our site, you can deepen your knowledge about Horace's Villa by consulting various online reference resources. In the Villa Then & Now section, you will find a plan of the site as it appears today as well as a detailed Quicktime VR tour of the modern remains; there is also an axonometric reconstruction showing how the villa looked in Horace's day. The Map is useful for finding places in and around the Licenza Valley. Old Views presents drawings, watercolors, engravings, and early photographs of the site from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Similarly, in the section Old Descriptions you will find verbal descriptions of how the site looked between the time of its first discovery and the start of the first scientific excavations of 1911. The Museum presents images and catalogue entries of some of the more notable finds that came to light in the twentieth century.

Villa Poems gives you the Latin text and English translation of the works in which Horace writes about his Villa. There are several audio clips in which Prof. Matthew Dillon (Department of Classics, Loyola Marymount University) reads the works in Latin. You need Apple's QuickTime 3 (or later) to play these clips. Links offers you the opportunity to jump to related Web sites. In Bibliography you will find references to books and articles about the villa, broken down by topic.

Video Clips presents our video documentary about the Villa and our Project. You will also find here a streaming video documentary about another villa that was important in Horace's lifetime: the so-called Villa of the Papyri (or, Villa of the Pisones) at Herculaneum, which has been recreated at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, California. (The Getty's Malibu facility is currently closed to the public for restoration). Finally, there is a short tour of the site in Italian that was broadcast on RAI TV. You must have Apple's QuickTime 4 (or later) as well as a high-speed Internet connection to use these video resources. (If your Internet connection is slow, be prepared to wait a long time to download the files, which range in size from just over 1 MB to 6 MBs, and the streaming video will not work properly.)






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